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Right after an MMR Vaccine one needs to supplement with vitamin A according to a published journal in the NLM NIH gov site. This has been known for quite sometime yet the doctors are not telling us this because why. UNICEF gives MMR and Vitamin A treatment. According to the study after recieving measles or MMR or the disease itself within the first two weeks the blood serum level of vitamin A plunges way down.

Watch out on giving an MMR to a 10-12 year old the negative effects are higher in that age group more so than the 4-5 year olds which are also higher according to a study published in NLM NIH gov web site. or maybe the one year old just cannot verbalize what is happening to them and therefore are overlooked all together. You can't prove what was never there so how can they tell how it affected a once viable mind that could not verbalize because one year old cannot communicate like 5 or 10 year olds.

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