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Okay I suffer from compulsive skin picking and I have never had chickenpox. Im scared to death of this disease because I have no control over scabs as little as they might be so you guys can imagine this is the last disease I would wish to have. Now Im adult so scares me more because chickenpox can get to be deadly in adults different than it is to children. About 3 years back there were people at work with chickenpox and I ran to the doctor to get a vaccination for chickenpox, the Varivax vaccine. It was one shot. I was supposed to check my blood for the antibodies to see if I required a second shot but I kinda got less scared with the shot and did not went back to check my blood. I was getting the physical this year with a new doctor and I told her and she said she could check in the blood test to see if I got the antibodie and the result came negative therefore I need to have the shot again which this time I will verify. Thing is I have readed on the web after websearching that this is like a dangerous vaccination and I wonder if its true because Im very health conscious. Do you guys know about this?

thanks I will appreciate input

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