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If I got the first Hep. A vaccine about a year ago and the first 2 Hep. B vaccines on schedule also about a year ago but never followed through to get the 2nd Hep A or 3rd Hep B vaccine, should I just get them now, or do I have to start over? And is it possible I don't need them and could have enough antibodies already (I don't like taking more vaccines than necessary) or would paying for a titer to find out be a waste?
I'd stop while I was ahead!

I just took my daughter in for a check up and doc says it had been a yr she only had one shot for hep...Doc checked said she didnt have to start over she got her second and now is scheduled for her 3rd..
the second and third shots are just boosters to the first series to ensure that your immune system has been exposed enough to be able to detect and fight it off easily.... go ahead and get the rest of your shots and finish the series. Im pretty sure you dont have to start over.... and most insurance companies do not pay for titers unless its a life threatening situation.... titers cost 100$+ depending on the lab.

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