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well quite simply, everybody's reactions to vaccinations are different. There are some people, probably urself, that have to have boosters to some organisms for one reason or another. It is normal for some peoples immune systems to "lose" some of the antibodies to certain illnesses in time because they never get used. Usually, however, enough is left to execute a quick enough attack and make more all over again to keep you from getting sick and thus STILL being immune. I highly doubt that you have a low count because of being a carrier. Those lab results usually have a high and a low parameter that you can use to see whether you are immune to the disease. If 400 is lower than the lowest range for the test, then you should probably look into getting a hep booster. If you find that you are in the normal range of antibodies for hep B then you really shouldnt worry about a thing, because if u were exposed you would be fine even if you didnt have the higher count of 1000 :) good luck

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