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Re: Hep A/B
Nov 13, 2004
[QUOTE=gregv]Vaccinations are a great thing. If you actually understand the science and immune response behind them, it is truly an intelligent way to protect humans from disease. You really think that vaccinations contain large doses of mercury that are going to harm you? I think not or else they wouldnt be on the market. Do you eat farmed salmon or tuna? You will probably ingest more mercury having some fish then in the vaccine.

Hep A isnt too serious of a disease, and alot of people dont even know they were infected since it is so mild. Hep B on the other hand can be very serious, leading to liver failure and hepatocarcinoma (liver cancer). The Hep B vaccine is a great vaccine and induces a protective level of immunity. I think it is a three dose vaccine and then you get your antibodies measured to see if you developed an immune response. With many many vaccinations, the small risks or side effects from the odd vaccine are far less serious than actually getting the disease itself. Good luck.


As far as being paralyzed, I highly doubt it. You may be thinking of the polio vaccine which could actually revert to the full blown polio disease and cause paralysis. Now they use a dead polio virus so this problem doesnt happen anymore.[/QUOTE]

I totally disagree. I have done months of research on vaccines alone and many n u t r i t i o n i s t s totally forbid vaccinations. Do a little bit more research, Greg. Trust me, the FDA is not looking out for you or me. They are filling their pocket books full of the green stuff.

MSG isn't safe either, and yet that is an approved additive to food. Just about every processed "yummy" food out there. It's in perfect disguise in the ingredients list as "natural flavors". NOTHING natural about monosodium glutamate. Mercury PERIOD is toxic, regardless of how little is in your system. I am living proof of that.

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