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Ok party people...there is virtually no way in hell to get the flu from the shot. Now...I know some of you think science to me bullshwag, and if so, don't even contact me.

There are 4 types of vaccine, all of which work with the flu. They are:


Killed: Take a form of the organism, IE, the flu, kill it 4 times past dead and inject it. A killed vaccine provides the weekest ammunity and your likely hood of contracting the flu later in the season.

Live: One of most effective- Place the organism in a tissue culture and allow it to multiply. Through natural selection and mutation, the virus will eventually become anable to cause sickness. You then inject that. There is a slight chance of this vaccine mutating back into the viral form, although very rare. It only happened once in history, back in 1918.

Recombinant: Take some organism....anything microscopic will do, pull out a section of it's DNA and replace it with the anogenic DNA of the virus. Extreemly strong immunity and NO CHANCE OF GETTING FLU

Toxoid: Inject the toxin from the flu virus rather than the virus itself. NO CHANCE OF GETTING FLU.

Congrats...if you live in the US, you will, more than likely, receive a Recombinant or Toxoid injection.

Thank you!


P.S. All you folks who say that a virus isn't alive...we'll...your wrong. A virus is alive when it can infect you, it is dead when it can't.

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