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I believe it's a trade off: The majority of people have become willing to trade a reduction in short term, acute illnesses such as measles and mumps for a lifetime of chronic illnesses such as severe food allergies, asthma, autism, MS, lupus, ADHD, etc. All those chronic illnesses have had a steep increase in incidence since creation of the insane vaccine schedule with vaccines containing mercury and other neurotoxins.

I'm sure one of the vaccine proponents on this group will soon be saying, "So why doesn't every baby who gets vaccinated have a problem? I know lots of perfectly healthy, normal kids who've had all their shots." To this, I will dryly reply, "Why doesn't everyone who smokes get lung cancer? I know lots of smokers who haven't had any problems." If the genetic propensity for a problem from cigarettes or a toxin from a vaccine is there, there will be a problem. Imagine what our world will be like in 2 or 3 more generations--there will be more chronically ill people than healthy. At that point, I'll bet a "bad case of measles" will be looking pretty darn good!


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