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I agree.. But I am a at home daycare provider and I have seen un immunized children get very sick and one of them died. Granted none of them were from my daycare but in my towm and I live in wisconsin where the number of pertusis outbreaks 16 of the outbreak only 2 were of children who had their immunizations the rest were all kids who did not recieve it. We have had more than 5 cases of polio who ever said that was not giving out the right info I totally belive in checking out all the ingredients in what goes into our children but to have a child die of measles and then another permantly brain damaged because of pertusis within the last 3 months is horrible. We would never not buckle our children up because well we are just driving a few blocks would we? So by not immunizing them they are at huge risk we cant see inside someone and tell if they are sick just like we cant see if a car accident will take our childs life that day but damnit we need to do everything to protect them because if they do catch one of these diseases and might I add the only one not seen this year was small pox every other disease that they vaccinate against was seen on several occations we should always be cautious as parents and check everything out but in this day an age we are at war constantly and there are countries ready to nail us with small pox and what are we gonna do just assume that the organic food we feed them will make them all better its time to not be so damn nieve and protect our kids might i add if they catch one of those diseases did anyone do the research on the life lasting results? thats scary!!!!!!!

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