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I had it because I was going to go into physical therapy (turns out I don't like living people so I'm going into forensic anthropology, but dead people carry viruses too so it all worked out). Anyway, I had it in 1999. Shots in the arm. I've never heard of it being given in the leg. I guess it didn't hurt that much. Not like a tetanus shot. So just three shots in the arm, spaced at whatever intervals (they will give you that info when you get your first shot, or you can look it up online). Don't worry about it.

By the way... Don't be so quick to dismiss the shot in the leg. I had ankle surgery last year and they wanted to give me a huge shot of morphine and they gave me the option of arm or leg. Of course I didn't want to drop my pants, so I went with the arm. My arm hurt for 3 days. Later she came in to give me another shot and did it in my leg, and it didn't hurt at all afterward. The larger muscle mass helps reduce muscle soreness afterward, I think. But for routine vaccinations given in the doctors office, the arm is more accessible and therefore more frequently used.

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