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Everything you have said about the natural MEASLES can definitely be said about the measles vaccine.

No matter how the virus comes in contact with the body it can create havoc, true. But when it is via the natural route, it is challenged by the body’s natural defenses. When the virus is injected directly into the blood though, it can cross the body/brain barrier and cause exactly the problems you have mentioned much more readily.

The reason why we do not see measles in the US is NOT due to widespread use of vaccine since over 90% of most childhood diseases had become mild diseases BEFORE vaccines were introduced.

In Europe where the same diseases were prevalent, childhood diseases continued to drop at the same rate as in the US after the intro of vaccines. Europe introduced vaccines to some childhood diseases much later and even to this day most countries have NO mandatory vaccine schedule.

In some instances vaccines caused the childhood disease to rebound whereas in Europe it continued to drop.

[quote=cademyn] Plus, if a woman contracts a disease as a child, she will pass on the immunity to her baby while breast-feeding, thus preventing the child from catching the disease while it is most vulnerable. If she was vaccinated for the disease, she will not pass the immunity on to her child.[/quote]

That is a very important point because that shows that we can only pass on 'core' immunity not 'superficial' immunity.

Of course the immunity only lasts while breast feeding, but those are the years when childhood diseases can be dangerous, when a child is very young. Once a child no longer depends on suckling, he is able to defend himself against common childhood diseases and build his life-time immunity.

[quote]I believe the percentage of women of child-bearing age who have been vaccinated for rubella and are not immune is the same as the percentage who were not immune because they did not catch the disease during childhood before vaccinations were introduced (ie the vaccination hasn't really changed anything).[/quote]

As was proven by a Swiss Study which unfortunately I can not post here.

[quote] If someone is concerned about rubella during pregnancy and is not immune, they can get the vaccination at that time, but I believe adults who get the rubella vaccine have a very high chance of getting temporary or permanent rheumatoid arthritis (I've seen statistics between 15-50%). [/quote]

That is something I would really research first because as you've pointed out, the vaccine against 'childhood diseases' in adults can have severe side effects, one being autoimmune diseases.

[quote]For me personally (and I am 3 weeks pregnant), I don't know if I am still immune to rubella, in spite of being vaccinated as a child, so I am just going to try to avoid babies who have recently been vaccinated for rubella, as that is probably the most likely way I could catch it if I am not immune.[/quote]


You sound like you have read a lot of books and done vast amount of research. That will be one lucky baby. Congratulations!

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