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dear lynne,

the second dose is usually given 1-2 months after the first and the third dose if given 4-6 months after the first dose. i'm not sure if you will have to repeat the first 2 doses. you should call your doctor and ask.

it is SAFE to get HEP B vaccine during pregnancy. it's recommended that pregnant women who are high risk for contracting hep b get vaccinated.

the HEP A vaccine is NOT recommended during pregnancy because its safety has not been established. in any case, hep a does not cause chronic liver damage (unlike hep b and hep c) and once you get it and recover from it, you are immune to it.

there are five different types of Hepatitis: A, B, C, D, and E. only the first three are common in the united states.

the vaccine only protects you from one kind of hepatitis.
HEP B and C are more dangerous than HEP A because, if not treated, they can cause permanent liver damage which can lead to liver cancer.

so make sure you talk to your obgyn. because if you are at a high risk for contracting hep b, you should probably get vaccinated.

hope that helps.

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