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Re: Due for tetanus
Apr 20, 2005

Look at the side effects and you can make your own decision. You may also find out how many people get tetanus because most adults are not up to date on their tetanus vaccine at all yet we don't have then falling over by the minute.

Most doctors have never seen a case of tetanus and it's NOT because EVERYONE is up to date on their vaccine.

How many people die of tetanus?


Fewer than 60 cases every year occur in the US a year (out of nealy 300 million folks)....and most of those people are elderly and/or immune-compromised.

Tetanus is something you may want to consider if you work with horses AND have poor blood circulation. Otherwise you will not be in danger of getting tetanus.

Basically tetanus can only grow in a condition where it is totally deprived of oxygen such as in a deep puncture wound that does NOT bleed. If there is one drop of blood - no tetanus.

Check out the 'extra' ingredients in the vaccine.

We don't need the aluminum that comes with almost every vaccine.

(Alzheimer? - No thank you!)
Re: Due for tetanus
Apr 26, 2005
Tetanus can only grown in anaerobic conditions. (That means it can not grow in oxygen.) Blood contains oxygen.

If a wound bleeds (even a wee bit) there is no chance of tetanus. And the vaccine after an injury serves no purpose whatsoever.

Children have very fast circulation and they bleed quickly when they get injured, that is why it is virtually impossible for a child to get tetanus.

It would have to be a deep puncture wound that does NOT bleed.

But you may be told that so and so many kids die each year of tetanus. That is in Africa where they have this odd practice to cover a newborn's umbilical stump with a mixture of mud and herbs. Of course those kids get tetanus. You can vaccinate the whole family and those kids will still die of tetanus.

Unless we educate the moms, children in Africa will die of tetanus.

But children in the Western World do not die of tetanus.

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