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Hi Nastabasta,

If i may......the best way to treat a potential tetanus infection is letting it bleed, then washing the wound and applying antibiotics designed for puncture wounds. It takes several weeks for the teanus spores to germinate, so no rush.

The tetanus doesnt really protect so its a bit pointless getting it.

Arguments welcome.

As to the poor mans arm in pain - yes that s a comon reaction and one of many in the vaccine info leaflet that the doctor should have read out to you.

Lets break this myth of "vaccine = immunisation".

Vaccination = giving the vaccine.
Immunisation = generating a permenant PROTECTIVE immunity.

Vaccines dont generate an immunity, if they did, no-one would ever get the diseases they were vaccinated against. Is that why we need "boosters"?
Ha ha!!

As to the argument of :
"Well if you dont vaccinate your child my child is put in danger"
- the so called "herd immunity" concept.
Well, if your child was vaccinated, AND the vaccine was effective, what do you have to worry about? Its my child at "risk".

Damn, thats lateral thinking for you.....


[QUOTE=nastabasta]hey doobeedoo,
you should keep in mind that while some people experience adverse reactions to vaccines, a lot of us don't have really bad reactions to this "garbage". that's why they keep giving it to people. there are also people out there who have severe allergic reactions to codeine or certain antibiotics. but you don't see those drugs being pulled off the shelf.
the risk outweighs the benefit for most.[/QUOTE]

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