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You are having a serious reaction to the vaccine and I would suggest that you report it to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). That is a government vaccine reporting system so that they can monitor how many people have severe reactions.

Only because of VAERS is Mercury finally taking out of baby vaccines. If no one would have ever reported the thousands of babies having severe reactions to all sort of vaccines, they would never have removed that extremely toxic substance.

The tetanus vaccine is one of the most controversial next to hep B. You have had four injections within close timing and your body may be reacting to all the adjuvants (other ingredient) in the vaccines.

I do hope you feel better soon, but just imagine all the thousands of babies getting that vaccine every day, and just 30 or 40 having the same reaction that you are having. They are totally helpless and can not voice their misery.

That is why the anti-vaccine folks are so upset that no one takes all those vaccine reaction seriously. That most doctors simply say "it is not from the vaccine" and "give the child a Tylenol".

Yet the parents are left with a seriously injured child and have no where to turn.

Like I said, I do hope you feel better soon, but please report this severe reaction. Thank you!

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