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I just recientally completed my Hep B vaccine series and had a blood test ran for presence of Hep B surface antibodies for my college program. The results came back negative and I called the student health department and asked what my options were. I was informed that I have time to get two of the three shots in the series again before I start school (sign a waiver) and then I can complete the series and blood test while in school or I can wait a quarter and go back in the winter.

My concern is that I am going for medical technology and one of the classes this fall I am taking is phlebotomy. I am worried about possible infection with the virus before I complete the series/ accquire immunity. I have done some reading from the CDC which says that 15-25% of those who didn't respon the first series respond after the a 4th dose, and that 30-50% of those non-responders respond after another complete series. My concern is should I take a risk of attending school and not having immunity (confermed with tests) and risk exposure and infection or should I wait a quarter until I complete the series and have another blood test ran?
Some people never show immunity but that does not necessarily mean they are not immune.

On the other hand, people can show antibodies and not be immune.

You need to do more research. Unfortunately we can't give links here, so I can not go any further. Just do your own reseach.

Did you know one of the side effects of Hep B could be MS?

Check out the "nurses study" on Hep B - many came down with MS within a short time.

France had a class action law suit of 15,000 citizens that came down with MS after the Hep B vaccine.

And yet, it is not proven to protect you from the actual disease.

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