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Re: Vaccines
Jul 6, 2005
[QUOTE=BioAdoptMom3]As far as I know, as a teacher in a public school in FL, vaccines are required unless you site a health or religious reason. The health reason has to have a doctor's signature. I am sure many people who do not do vaccines lie about their reasons to get around it, but I could not in good consciousness do that.

There may be reactions, but most are minor. I am sure there are a small percentage who have severe reactions, however I still think the danger of something like menigitis or tetanus is greater than a severe reaction. Everyone here who is against vaccines is mentioning the dangerous reactions. Let me mention that a very dear friend of mine had a three year old son who died of meningitis four years before the vaccine became widely available. I am sure no one could convince her and her dh that vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases themselves. I also have a nephew who is now 21 years old, who almost died of meningitis when he was 17 months old. He is not deaf, but suffers hearing loss because of it. I know that the first thing many parents think of when they want to refuse a vaccine is measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, etc. but there are many, many more serious diseases than that out there and they kill!

You have to make the right decision for you and your child, but while you are researching vaccine reactions do yourself and your child a favor and be sure to do some research on diseases like diptheria, tetanus, meningitis, polio and whooping cough. You must look at both sides before making your decision. Your reasearch cannot be one sided if you want to make the right decision and that applies to anything in life.


Actually your wrong. becouse the chances of something happining are NOT small. do some more research on it. Heck just research Autism alone. see the increase in it just this year alone. Its for the most part NOT genetic. if so how is 1 in 150 kids getting autism? Just not true. vaccines dont help our kids in most cases.

My oldes son is 9 he had all his vaccines he alsways been sickly for no apartent reason.Still is He had seziures from 9-18 months. and he was ADDHD too. never ran in my family.
My second son I had his shots. Hes autistic now. not until his shots either. hE use to talk ect then stopped after his vaccines.
I have another son no shots never been to the doctor yet. my new baby wont have them either. If I were to get my youngest 2 vaccinated Im sure they would turn Autistic too.

I think people need to research it for themselves. Then if they decide to do it I pray everythings alright and if not I guess live and learn.

doctors and the MERK people and the others dont care about our children they can about it making them rich.

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