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Re: Vaccines
Jul 5, 2005
You should do your own reasearch. Usually this questions starts a huge hot debate in online disscussions.

I do always wonder - What if nobody got the vaccines for their children? Some would say that the diseases were going away before the vaccines came about. They may have gone down, due to better hygene and the sort, but they did not go away. I have a friend who is in her late 20's and had Polio, she is now debilitated.

Some moms only get some of the vaccines. Some get them spread out and given later than usually scheduled. Some do not get them at all, and some get them all as scheduled. It's a big decision and it's hard to find un-biased info out there. It seems that all the material is either totally for or totally against it. It also seems that they still talk about the mercury in vax's and how terrible that is. They do not put the mercury in them anymore, except the flu vax.

Good luck with your decision. It's a big one and one of the hardest you will have to make.

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