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Re: Vaccines
Jul 5, 2005
You must do your research. Most of the info is for vaccination, you will have to look a little harder to find info about the bad things. I have 3 kids and none of them have received any vaccinations. BioAdoptMom3--I need to correct you on something. Vaccines are NOT REQUIRED for any child in any state to enter school. You can obtain waivers. Public schools are not allowed to refuse your child admission beacuse you have not vaccinated. Private schools are a little different, they are not required by law to accept your waiver. Even though they may not put mercury in vaccines anymore look at the list of ingredients in vaccines and you will see some pretty bad stuff. Why would you want to inject that into your tiny baby? Few doctors will tell you about any risks that are associated with the vaccines. Has you dr said anything to you? There is a message board about vaccines that you should check out. And also do your research, don't let the drs push you into something that you don't feel comfortable with, it can wait until you have found the answers that you need.

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