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hi jcummins,

i'm also not against the concept of vaccination. as i am pregnant with my first child right now, i'm also weighing the risks and benefits of vaccination. i myself have been vaccinated and have never had an adverse reaction. i even had my tetanus booster a few months ago and other than a sore arm, didn't have any side effects.
i know that i will have my child vaccinated on the schedule that the pediatrician recommends.
as far as vaccinating a child against chicken pox and meningitis, that's where i'm torn.
i myself never had chicken pox, so i got vaccinated at age 14. my mother never had it either and she got vaccinated at 37. i think that if your child doesn't get chicken pox on his/her own, it's a good idea to vaccinate later in life because although chicken pox is pretty benign in childhood, it can be very serious when you are an adult, particularly in pregnancy.
personally i was vaccinated for meningitis while i was in college. that was because i lived in a dorm and there were a few outbreaks of the disease in other universities. so we were told that it was good to get vaccinated as a precaution.
this year was the first year i got the flu vaccine. my doctor recommended it for a few reasons:

1. i have asthma. and each time i get a cold, it tends to spread to my lungs and become an infection/bronchitis.
2. i'm a preschool teacher and am constantly in contact with viruses.
3. i was trying to conceive and didnt want to risk getting the flu if i was pregnant.

anyway, i just wanted to let you know my take on the whole thing. it's obviously a very private decision and i'm sure you're make the right choice with the help of your doctor and the research you do.

i'm really sorry that your child has autism. you have said in other posts as well as here that he got it as a result of being vaccinated.
i was just curious, how do you know that? have the two actually been linked in the case of your child?

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