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jriegel, I am one of those women who is unable to breastfeed, but your points are well taken and are a good argument for waiting to vaccinate anyhow. How long would you suggest waiting, and for which particular vaccines? I like the idea of waiting on the chicken pox vaccination in particular. nastabasta has a good point on that. I'm not sure when they are "scheduled" to ge that one, but I'd like to give DD a chance to get the chicken pox in childhood. I don't know much about the new menangitis one, but I have of people who have died from menangitis in recent years. Also, you mention that some of the diseases if contracted are not deadly or dibilitating. Can you be more specific as to which ones, besides the chicken pox?
i'm really impressed with how carefully you are considering all the issues - you're a good mama!

i can't remember if i mentioned (i have elsewhere, at least) that i have a friend my age (mid twenties) who was crippled and disfigured by the DTP vaccine. he was a healthy infant, completely normal, and it disfigured every thing from the neck down and stunted his growth, he has been in an electric wheelchair ever since, and receiving government stipends. this really scares me, personally. he actually contracted polio from the vaccine. it is miraculous that he is completely normal in his facial structure, skull and is perfectly normal (as normal as you can be in his situation) mentally. the whole thing is very sad to me.

as far as the hep b goes, i could only imagine a child younger than 6 getting it if they are born to a mother who already has it, or born to a mother/family that has a lifestyle which increases the risk. if a friend of the family has hep b, it's unlikely that the child would share drinks or kisses with them unless the friend is really close to the family (more like a family member). personally, i will not vaccinate for hep b, at least until they are 10 or older. i was not vaccinated for it until i was a senior in highschool, and only because i was moving overseas.

overall, i would honestly suggest waiting until the child is at least 3 to begin any vaccination. dyptheria and thyphoid are practically non existent in the united states, mostly because of increased understanding of germs, contamination and infection of the past few decades. as far as polio and menengitis (i know the DTP can't be broken up) i would really research the risks and how a person or child is most likely to contract it (conditions, environment, sensitivities, etc.) and make a judgement of whether it would really be necessary at such a young age if the child will be with you and in your home almost 100% of the time.

overall, i have known too many people in my life (my friend in the wheel chair for example, as well as several friends both overseas and in the states who have huge divots in their arms from a local infection caused by a vaccination) and autistic children i worked with in highschool, that it just seems to me the risk is too great to assault the immune system of an infant or toddler like that. the CDC, FDA and pharmaceutical companies call it a risk "for the greater good". the numbers of children negatively affected by vaccines (mild irriations, seizures, autism and death) is staggeringly high (in the thousands per vaccination, and vaccinations are given daily, so this number is incredibly high) for the sake of the small few who inspite of greater awareness of cleanliness, hygeine, infections, etc. since vaccine schedules began, despite the majority being born to mothers or into families who have very low risk for the serious infections (polio, hep b, etc) might possibly by some weird random chance contract something. while those few children who might possibly contract something if they weren't vaccinated (at least not at an early age) and their families might be devastated if it did happen, hundreds of thousand more a year are devastated by the seizures, autsim and death.

i feel like "the greater good" harms more children than the number that would contract something if there were no vaccinations, especially in this day and age. unfortunately, there is an ocean of cover up because the pharmaceutical companies would crumble and the FDA officials would be exposed (they already are, there are plenty of publicly accessible documents) but after being told for decades that "this is what good mothers do", it's a hard pill to swallow that it could actually be dangerous. i think there are way more negative reactions to vaccines than are reported because doctors often swallow what they are told by sales reps from the drug companies and pass it on to parents telling them it's safe and it was just a freak reaction or something unrelated, so the parents are made to feel paranoid or irresponsible. and the article "Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection" sheds some light on the lack of blame placed on vaccines in the autopsies of babies who died from SIDS. this is a hot topic, as well. the author of the article encourages anyone who doubts to read the reports for themselves - there is a shockingly high number of babies who die from SIDS at 2, 4 and 6 months (the CDC and NIH even say this) which is exactly when most babies are scheduled for vaccines. i'm not saying vaccines are the only cause, but i think it's significant enough and shameful the way it is never discussed or questioned.

anyway, more of my 2 cents. more like 35 cents.
Gatsby, that's what I was thinking too. I'll give her a chance to get it in childhood, but if she doesn't, I'll get her the vaccine around 8-10. I agree, that one should be optional and certainly 2 is too young for that one, so I will insist on waiting.

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