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during the first 6 months of age your babys brain is still developing. if you vaccinate them during this time and they have a bad reaction. like mine did and now has autism then it could be too late it crosses the blood brain barrier. once in the brain it normally stays there. although I dont vaccinate and dont reccomend it its your decision so be informed. I dont persoally think you should get any vaccines b4 the age of 3. thats normally the safest point. moset of the reson theres problems from the shots now are that they are given too early.
the babys first shots are the HEPB shot and the MMR and they are given at the same time which is bad becouse the HEPB does still contain some mercury and the MMR contains live viruses. so your getting two horriable things at one time our babies are to young to be given shots with live viruses.

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