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i'm sure you have read my other posts in the arguments about vaccines thread. i'd just like to restate that i am not entirely opposed to vaccinations, but i think it is irresponsible of the medical community to vaccinate immediately at birth and periodically throughout infancy when a child's immune system, skeletal system and cerebral system are underdeveloped and immature.

first of all, if you have not experienced an infection or flare up of chicken pox, menengitis or the flu, hep B or any other disease, in the environments you live in on a daily basis, it is unlikely that your child would because you haven't but also because...

second, if YOU have been vaccinated for these diseases, or contracted them at some point (for example, chicken pox, flu, etc.) then you pass immunity on to your child if you breastfeed (known as passively aquired immunity) and this is sustained until breastfeeding has ceased. many infants become sick because the mother
*does not breastfeed at all (some women can't, i understand this, one of my closest friends was unable to breast feed her third child),
*breastfeeds but also includes juices or worse, soda (high in sugar which creates a highly favorable environment in the gut/intestines for infection)
*or includes other liquids and even other foods into an infant's diet before 6 months of age (according to La Leche League, a child can survive, quite happily and satisfied on breast milk alone for at least 6 months, and i personally lived in Africa for several months, working in villages were mothers soley breastfed their children for at least 6 months, and continued to breast feed for up to a year or more while introducing new foods. incidentally, actress helen hunt is still breastfeeding her 1 and 1/2 year old).
*or the mother stops breastfeeding early (weeks or months after birth)

third, many of the diseases that infants and children are *suggested* to be vaccinated against are not deadly, are reversible and treatable. while it is true that an infant has an immature immune, skeletal and cerebral system, the cold/flu, chicken pox, etc. are still treatable. and even very harmful diseases such as menengitis, the child will receive passively aquired immunity from breastfeeding. even if you are not breastfeeding...

four, vaccination deliberately bypasses the first four stages of defense (1) the skin, (2) the mucous membranes, (3) the gut lymphoids and (4) the lymphatic system (kidneys, liver, spleen, lymph nodes, etc.) and deposits the vaccine (some which include neurotoxins, like thimerosal and others, as well as some that include only partially deactivated antigens) directly into the blood stream of a newborn or infant, giving it immediate circulation throughout the entire body (brain, lungs, limbs, organs, etc.) of an immature baby. this seems ludicris to me.

lastly, as i stated before, many in the medical community have admitted that the medical community is still unaware of what antibodies are good for, except to show that something has entered the system of a human being. they do not provide or prove or establish immunity. so to assume that vaccines are effective, or more alarmingly to assume they are safe, because of the presence of antibodies, is ignorant and irresponsible.

for all these reasons i would wait until you're child is significantly more developed to pursue vaccines. also, please realize that when you were born, you did not receive nearly as many vaccines or at such an early age, (this is easily accessible public information about the change in vaccination schedules over the years) and you are just fine. also, even in the past 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, much more has been learned and instituted as far as general health, hygiene and safety, preventing infection for most people in developed nations, and allowing for treatment incase of infection, despite vaccines. many of them today seem, to me, outdated and unnecessary.

best of luck making an informed decision.

if you have the time, or care to, read the article "Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection", it's one woman's personal account, very compelling.

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