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Still confused
Jul 24, 2005
I understand that the concern was raised over vaccinations being linked to autism and ADHD due to the ingredient thimerosal (mercury). That was what Robert Kennedy Jr. has suggested as well. And, supposedly, that has been removed from all of the current production of vaccines with the exception of the flu shot. I am also aware that the previous vaccines containing the thimerosal were never recalled and could still be given. I have also read about the "study" done in California when the thimerosal was removed from the vaccines and the rate of autism significantly decreased.

So, here's my question:
How do they know that thimerosal was the only ingredient in the vaccines that was causing the problem? If I ensure that the doses of vaccines my DD is getting do not contain thimerosal, does that significantly reduce her chances of having a severe reaction to them such as autism? She has had her HepB shot in the hospital and her 2 month shots. I like the idea of having her vaccinated against deadly/debilitating diseases, but would like to know the REAL statistics of how many children have severe reactions to vaccines now that the thimerosal has been removed. I know that's next to impossible from what I've read on this board since a lot of the cases are never reported and doctors are really hesitant to link the reactions to the vaccines. Are the statistics like SIDS where there is a big scare, but the reality is that SIDS affects less than 1% of babies? To the moms who have been affected by it, though, even that percentage is too great to risk another.

Perhaps these are rhetorical questions, but if someone could point me in the right direction to research this issue further, I would greatly appreciate it. It seems as though a lot of the posts I've read allude to serious concerns, but I haven't read much about actual evidence to support them. I'm not suggesting they don't exist, I'd just like to separate facts from people's emotions in this highly controvercial debate. I want to protect my DD and do what's best, but see both sides of the argument.

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