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Hello to all of you. I am a regular visitor to the Lupus board and have tryed posting this there but have not had much luck with responses. I have a question to pose to you that I am hoping as you have all been so helpfull in the past you will be again. Little back story first off, I am a 29 year old woman with Systemic Lupus, I work in the health care field and was given the Hep B vaccination 7-26-05 it was the second dose of the three part series. Within a couple of hours of recieving the shot I began to get very ill. That evening I ended up in the local ER where they performed a spinal tap. They released me from the hospital the following day still in a lot of pain and very sick to my stomach. After sleeping all day on the 27th I tried to go back to work on the 28th, at which point things got worse. I went home that day and was sent back to the hospital by my internist, they deterimed that the spinal tap had not healed and did a blood patch which did make the headache alot better. However for the next couple of days a mild headache continued and so did the nausea and vomiting. It has now been over a week and the headache still comes and goes, and I am left with decreased mobility on the left side of my body and a cool tingling sensation on the left side of my head. I can't return to work and find that sometimes my thinking is very clouded and confused. My white blood cell count is extremely low and my current ANA is high. I am not sure if the immunization started all of this, but I am concerned that this may be a lasting affect. This has been very trying and up till now my Lupus has not caused any major problems, so I am scared. I saw a neurologist and he doesn't seem to think that my lupus is the cause for the problems on my left side so I really don't know what to think. I am having an MRI tonight and an EEG on the 16th so hopefully that will help to narrow things down some. In the mean time any info you can give will help. Have any of you experinced something like this? Do you think this is because of the immunization? Will it last long? Please help, I know that this is rather lengthy and might not make the most sense but please bare with me. Thank you all once again sometimes I feel better just knowing that someone out there understands and doesn't just think I am crazy!!!

Update: It has now been close to two weeks and I am still experincing the decreased mobility on the left side (it is like I tell it to work and it just doesn't), and periodic headaches which are worse then I have ever had in my life, the confusion still comes and goes but seems less frequent. I truley believe that this started or is a result of the Hepititis B vacc. that I recieved and I will not get another dose, have any of you ever heard of something like this? Please help!

Side effects such as the ones you are describing and even MS are unfortunately all too common with the Hep B vaccine. It's a nasty little vaccine. Do some searches and you can learn a lot of info.
Are these side effects usually permenate? God I hope not. With an already decreased immune system from the Lupus I am really worried. Can it actually create MS or just what looks like it. Some of the stuff I have found reffered to temporary effects that mimic MS but are not really. I am so confused.

Thanks again

Amy :)
It can be permanent, yes. I think you will just have to wait and see. You would do well to file a report on the reaction with the vaccine company and NEVER have another vaccine again. If you report and back up the report with documentation of the whole event, you can be compensated monetarily for the damage.
I am not sure who the manufacture of the vacc. was it was given to me by my employer. I will have to ask them to release that information. Thank you so much for your help I hope that this goes away. The idea of these effects being permenate is very scary. I will do what you suggested and thank you again.

I sure hope you feel better soon!

Please report this reaction to VAERS

Not many people report their reaction and that is why this crap is still being injected into people.
Thanks, Doobee---couldn't remember the initials for VAERS.
Should I wait until I have medical confirmation that the vacc. is what caused this or should I report this now? Thank you again you have been so very helpful. :angel:
Report it now. Your doctor (or employer) would likely try to deny or downplay it, so it's best you take initiative. You might even save someone else at work from the same fate.

Take GOOD care.
Just wanted to stop in and update all of you. I am back to work, feeling a lot better now. I still have some problems with the left side of my body but they seem to be getting better slowly. Sometimes after being on my feet all day at work the arthritis that I suffer from due to the Lupus seems to flare more on that side then the other and my leg will feel very week, but I refuse to be kept down by this. My head is alot clearer now and I know that will help. I wanted to thank all of you for your support and information. It meant the world to me. I reported the incident as you suggested. I am thankfull that my employer was supportive enough that I still have a job. Now it is just time to focus on digging out of the finacial hole not working for a month has but us in. Thank you again. As far as my daughter goes I discussed all of what happend with her Dr. who thankfully is on the same page as me he is running some tests to see if she has any signs of an autoimmune problem before we even begin to think about immunizing her. If we do decide to go ahead it will be one at a time so that her body is not overwhelmed by 2 or 3 live viruses at the same time, but that is a long way off still she will not get the hep-b and probably not the MMR or the chicken pox as they are most commonly live which concerns him. I truely believe that being an informed parent is your best weapon against the common misconceptions. Again thank all of you so much and I hope this finds you all well!!!

Amy :angel:
Do exercise caution with your daughter. Remember, you can always add a vax later---much later--but you can NEVER take them back.

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