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Hey jriegel,

Like kehorner said, TB injections and tetanus (DT booster) are two separate things. The TB subdermal injections are (for some) an annual test to see if your body has a reaction to the material injected (the results tell whether providers need to test more for or treat tuberculosis). The tetanus injection (original injection in childhood is DPT, aka "DiPTet"; booster every 10 years is a DT) is given as a child, and then every 10 years as a booster shot. It prevents lockjaw from a bacterial infection should you ever be exposed to that bacteria (through rusting iron, or contaminated metal, animal bites, etc). Typically, if you have had your booster within 5 years and have an accident involving metal, rust, animal bites, etc, providers will not do anything (but clean the wound). However, if you had your last DT booster over 5 years ago (but less than 10 - so in other words, you wouldn't typically think it's due again), providers will go ahead and give you another injection because of your increased risk for infection due to the exposure/accident.

Clear as mud, right?

Always wise for everyone, adult or child, to have records at home of ALL your vaccinations and to keep it updated. And these days, I'd also keep records of any serious illnesses (i.e. mono, chicken pox - if not vaccinated, whooping cough, etc.) Children tend to move away once grown and pediatricians tend to retire. It's nice to have a thorough record without having to backtrack.

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