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Re: Scared
Nov 23, 2005
It is interesting how we mothers have 'gut feelings'. That is called basic instinct.

If there is something we have to do for our child that really makes sense to us, we have no problems. For instance wearing seat belts, prevent too much sun, feeding them organic foods, avoid juices, most mothers have a problem with those things.

And even if once in a while we hear that a person could have been saved in an accident if her were not buckled down, or when we hear of vit D deficiencies, a baby choking on a raw carrot, lack of vit C, etc.

We weight the pro and con. We see the benefits. Those things make sense. They don't have to be forced upon us. We do them freely and gladly.

But when we hear that there are epidemics in highly vaccinated populations, such as Diphtheria in fully vaccinated former USSR countries, or whooping cough or measles in mostly vaccinated areas in the USA, and we hear of all the side effects of vaccines, we can't make sense out of that.

It is estimated that 1 in 166 children have autism. We see childhood diabetes in children as young as 6 months, ADHD is rampant, schools are going broke trying to teach children who can not learn, childhood rheumatism is on the rise and cancers are so wide spread that we now have special children's cancer clinics. How sad!

What could cause those horribly painful diseases in children? Could it be our interference in the normal developing immune system? If not, why is no one looking for other reasons? Perhaps because the pharmaceutical business knows all too well?

I would not vaccinate my children even if it were mandatory. Other countries do not have such forceful vaccine programs and their children are healthy and seem to be further ahead in schools in every subject. Most European countries has no mandatory vaccines and those that do encourage one or two vaccines which they produce.

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