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I homeschool my children as well. They are not up to date on their shots. They have had them up to the age of 1 and 2. They are 4 and 5 now. My biggest concern was when my oldest came down with a high fever and chills shortly after having one of her shots. The dr said the shot had nothing to do with it. Sorry but she was perfectly fine until she got the shot. I was pissed. My oldest had to go through speech therapy and is a slow learner. My youngest did not get the shot that she got and she is fine. However....with all that has been going on in this world I hate to say I don't feel safe in my own country. I know that the mercury was taken out of vaccinations a good while back but a report had been made that many drs were using whatever they had left on their patients to save money. Our pediatrician was a now it all and never let me speak. Not to mention he was middle eastern. He made me so mad trying to belittle me for not getting them immunized and stated that they were afraid of him because of hidden problems at home.
Hell...they were afraid of him because he spoke weird and was not very kid friendly. He said the same exact thing to my brother when he took his little girl in to get checked. My brother never went back and found my niece a better dr. I did the same as well.
I am hoping that now that my girls are older that maybe the vaccinations will be easier on them. They are around lots of kids during the week. Ballet on Mondays, church on Wednesdays, field trip days with other homeschoolers, and family members.

If any parent choses to not immunize then that is their choice and nobody should give them a hard time for it. Those of you that do immunize...good for do not see non immunized parents criticizing you for doing it. It is their choice..let them be at peace with it.

I too had no clue what all the shots were for when my girls were infants. I just knew that when one of them fell very ill I wanted nothing to do with vaccinations. Now I feel like I need to take that chance so that they don't contract anything from all the foreiners that are being allowed to come into this country.

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