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A few weeks ago I fell off my bike impaling the underside of my left arm with my brake handle. Yes, a very freakish accident. I received stitches and a tetanus shot at the emergency room. Three weeks later the wound has healed amazingly well. The tetanus vaccine, however, is still a hard nickle-sized lump on my upper right arm.

And that's what I'm worried & curious about. The shot gave me pain for about 2 weeks--swollen, hard, red, hot to the touch, and much more pain than the actual wound. Now the remaining lump doesn't seem to be going away.

I read Pinkclovershk's email from a few months back and was wondering if he/she could tell me how long they had a lump, if it's gone and what else they did regarding the adverse reactions.

By the way because I went to the emergency room I can't easily get in touch with the doctors there to ask them about this. In addition my regular doctor recently left the area and I haven't found a new one.

Other tetanus experience/advice is welcome.

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