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I have heard many times that this is the kind of reaction people or little children get to the tetanus vaccine. I feel so sorry for the wee little children who can not express their pain and are fussy etc for weeks after getting it.

Anyway, in every case I have heard about the lump did eventually subside. It may take a few more weeks but it will most likely go away.

I can't understand why they are so quick in giving the tetanus vaccine. Fist of all it does not work for three weeks at best and if you would really get tetanus, you'd be dead by then. Secondly, there is virtually no danger of getting tetanus.

The people who do get tetanus are usually very old, have poor blood circulation because of diabetes and almost always work with horses. They have to have a deep puncture wound that does not bleed. What are the chances?

The other group of people who get tetanus are infants born into some African traditions where after birth the umbilical cord is covered with dirt, herbs and straw.

When they started giving tetanus vaccines there, it made NO difference in the infant mortality rate and that those are the figures they give us for infants dying of tetanus.

As soon as they also gave umbilical care instructions along with the vaccine, the vaccine worked!

At any rate, the tetanus vaccine serves no purpose other than to inject more aluminum into a body which is knows to be a factor in developing Alzheimer.

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