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Have been reading all the various info. on side effects of trying to help out a friend with bad headaches.......anyone know of a connection between headaches and the different vaccines you are given when travelling overseas? The Gulf War people have contributed on the many issues from vaccines, even contaminated vaccines. This person travels abroad frequently....and travels alot within the US (air flights).............any thoughts? Thanks!
I don't know whether vaccines can cause headaches, but I travel a lot to a variety of continents and have never had one vaccine. Every time we travel to Asia ...actually it seems the same number of people get sick, vaccinated or unvaccinated. But I am very cautious otherwise and don't seem to get sick no matter what.

I figured a long time ago when vaccinated people get sick at the same rate, why inject things that the body has to fight off and get rid of again?

Sorry I am no help and I didn't mean to hijack (or skyjack) you thread. Hope someone else will have more information.

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