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Would you say it would be a good idea to have an independent study to compare completely unvaccinated people to fully vaccinated?

We have a huge number of people in the USA who for religious or philosophical reasons did not get vaccinated and do not vaccinate their children.

What would such a study tell us? Why is there none being done?

Certainly anti-vaccine proponents have been screaming for such a study. They have gone so far as to conduct their own comparison studies which can be found all over the web. Not only from the US but many European countries as well. There are several doctors in the USA who have divided their office into a vaccinated vs unvaccinated children and have posted the results.

The anti-vaccine advocates are more than willing. Why is that not being done? Who is afraid of the results?
There should have been some type of local reports/investigations...why wasn't there?


Because in most whooping cough epidemics 80% of the people are vaccinated. This would certainly make people think that perhaps vaccines are not really effective.

Same holds pretty much true for any other epidemic. I have researched small pox epidemics in Europe's history. The people who died from the disease were previously vaccinated. The ones that were vaccinated once had the best chance of surviving, the twice vaccinated group had more deaths, three times vaccinated group had the most deaths from the disease.

I can't remember the exact percentage of deaths in the three times vaccinated group. But I do believe it was almost 90% +.

Unvaccinated people also got the disease, not one of them died from it. This is well documented.

[quote]P.S. I don't personally feel that anyone is "out to get us" or purposefully cause harm but I do believe money is a powerful motivator.[/QUOTE]

I agree!

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