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Forgive me for my late night philosophizing but have you ever considered what would happen if vaccinations were truly found to cause many of the diseases that they have been blamed for?

I live in the USA so I'm considering it's effects here specifically. More people living here have been vaccinated than not. I was, like most children my age, fully vaccinated after the age of 4. My husband also was vaccinated.

In 1999, my husband contracted pertussis (as did our three oldest children) but I didn't. Ironically, I developed an autoimmune disease two years ago while my husband is a very healthy man. I'm just throwing out the facts...not drawing any conclusions...some theories but no conclusions :) . I just find it interesting.

Even if vaccines caused or played a role in one of the major diseases they've been blamed for there would be an epidemic of panic in America. Where would the blame go? Parents, drs, pharmaceutical companies, government?

Anyway, I'm curious about your thoughts on this. Like I said, I haven't formed any conclusions...just thinking.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

P.S. I guess I ask because I wonder what motivates people. It gives a better perspective as to why our society functions as it does. In this situation I wonder why we choose to vaccinate or not and what would happen if we had proof about one particular side of the issue. Individually I think it would be revealing as a parent to suddenly discover I was "right" or "wrong". It would put me in a position to consider what I've done and why I did it.
Would you say it would be a good idea to have an independent study to compare completely unvaccinated people to fully vaccinated?

We have a huge number of people in the USA who for religious or philosophical reasons did not get vaccinated and do not vaccinate their children.

What would such a study tell us? Why is there none being done?

Certainly anti-vaccine proponents have been screaming for such a study. They have gone so far as to conduct their own comparison studies which can be found all over the web. Not only from the US but many European countries as well. There are several doctors in the USA who have divided their office into a vaccinated vs unvaccinated children and have posted the results.

The anti-vaccine advocates are more than willing. Why is that not being done? Who is afraid of the results?

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