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[QUOTE=Joan1980;2208320]The bottom line is that it has been shown repeatedly that an otherwise healthy child is in virtually no danger of contracting a normal childhood disease. We have gone through them for a millennia and our bodies have become adjusted. We have improved our nutrition, sanitation, overall living standard and thereby are able to deal with common childhood disease without any side effects.

My own children are proof to that. They are perfectly healthy and have had a few of those very dreaded illnesses contracted from vaccinated children.

God created us. For man to try to improved upon that is foolish. Mother Nature does not like to be fooled. She retaliates.
We see that clearly with all the terrible autoimmune diseases we are bringing upon ourselves by messing with the immune system which we really do not understand.

Scientists have commented if we would be able to understand how vaccines work, we could create one against AIDS.

The bottom line is: It's not the Germ we have to be concerned about, it's the Terrain.

Concentrate on keeping your children healthy and they have NOTHING to fear except fear itself.[/QUOTE]

What are you talking about? I might believe the antivax people if they did not lie to get their point across. Pasteur was not responsible for the germ theory of disease and never recanted anything on his death bed. My children have all been fully vaxed (except varicella) plus I had RhoGAM shots during pregnancy with all three. Only once have any of the three of them needed an antibiotic and that was for pink eye. My children do not even get sick every year. My 16-year-old son has not been sick in five years. They all have IQs over 135 with the lowest being 139 with no ADD/ADHD or any other behavioral or neurological problems.

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