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How long does an mmr shot last for?
It's not guaranteed to work at all but if it gives you problems, those will last for the remainder of your life.
MMR is normally given twice during childhood, and should protect you for the rest of your life.
The actual shot lasts about 10-30 seconds. Reading the package insert carefully should take much, much longer.
[QUOTE=starsofglass]MMR is normally given twice during childhood, and should protect you for the rest of your life.[/QUOTE]

Although I had the vaccine, I still got the mumps. And I've met 4 other people over the last 15 years who also got the mumps, even after having the vaccine.

It's not a definite thing, for protection. It's more like a crapshoot. Maybe it will work, but maybe it won't. I'm not a big fan of any vaccine, seeing as how I'm highly allergic to the tetanus booster. I haven't had one since 1990 because of that.
Until just recently, you received one MMR around your first birthday. Now they reccomend two since the protection wanes over time. Usually they give the first one at age one and the second at age 4-6. Adults and some teens probably only received one since the second vaccination is a new reccomendation. Colleges usually require proof of two. If you've only had one, it might be a good idea to get a second one. Only two are reccomended for life. If you've had two, or after you receive the second one, it should provide lifetime protection. It is a 'live' virus vaccine and they usually provide longer lasting protection than the in-activated (dead virus) vaccines (such as the flu shot, Hep A, Hep B, and the injectable polio shot)

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