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I'm having a really hard time finding how long it usually takes for tetanus symptoms to show. I stepped on 2 rusty nails with my right foot, about 1 1/2 - 2 hours ago. I know the general symptoms to look for first, but I'm not sure how long it takes to be noticeable etc..

I'm still waiting for a phone call from my mom, to ask about my last Tetanus shot. I'm 21 and recently moved out, so if I've had one since I was 11 or so, I guess I should be okay. It's just that while I'm waiting for her to get my message and call me back, I'm really nervous that maybe I should go to the Emerg. anyways, but I hate blocking up the medical system if I don't have to.

If anyone has any idea of how long the symptoms take to show it would ease my mind a little.

Thank you in advance, and sorry if this topic is misplaced, but I wasn't really sure where to put it.

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