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The sulfa meds sensitivity doesn't have anything to do with the egg allergy so you should be OK. And the amount of thimerosol in the flu shot is minimal. I am sensitive to it (had to change contact lens saline solutions because of it) but have had no trouble with the flu shots. I get them every year as I have asthma.

I've never had pain with the shot other than the fact that it was an injection and the person giving it wasn't very good at doing it. And waiting till January to get one was probably too late in the season to protect you. They always tell me to get mine as soon as they have them available in Oct/ I do. Haven't had the flu since I started them 10 years ago.
I dont think a sulfa allergy would be a problem with any vaccine (but to make sure check the package insert). There are more and more thimerosal (mercury) free vaccines available. Usually the vaccines with it are multi-dose vials since the mercury is added as a preservative. The nasal mist flu vaccine is mercury free. Also the Varicella (Chickenpox), MMR (Measles),Pneumonia, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and the new Meningitis vaccine MENACTRA all all mercury free. There are mercury free versions of the Hep A, Hep B, Polio and Flu vaccines but not every provider may have them. You may go to "" to get a list of what ingredients are in each vaccine. I get a flu shot every year and have never had any problem whatsoever. Neither have I had a problem with any vaccine. Sometimes the person administering the shot can make a big difference.

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