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[B]Side note ---> I am a pro-vaxxer who believes in informed pro-choice when it comes to vaccines. I believe very strongly in vaccinations and do not want to offend anyone. My posts are simply the reasons why I vaccinated my children. I want everyone to make their own choices regarding vaccination of their children!![/B]

Chicken pox can be a very serious illness. I know of several otherwise perfectly healthy children in my area in the past few years who have died from the disease. The risks from the vaccine are far less than the risks from the disease. I have a friend whose child had a true vaccine reaction (1 in 1,000,000 chance!!!) who went ahead and vaccinated the rest of his children. Why?? Because, after reading all the credible research, he realized that he was risking his children's lives more by not vaccinating them than vaccinating them. Please consider not risking it.

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