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On the pro side, if he doesn't get chicken pox then he won't miss school, his parents won't miss work, and most importantly he won't be at risk for developing serious complications (which are rare, but can be deadly).

On the con side, people argue that the length of immunity from the vaccine is unknown, so if you give it to a young child they may lose their immunity in their adult years, when the disease is even more dangerous. So why risk that when they can just have it naturally and then be (almost) guaranteed lifetime immunity.

Also, there might be something about shingles, but I'm not sure... I know that if you actually have chickenpox, you are at risk for shingles later in life. I don't know what your risk for shingles is if you have had the vaccine.

I had the vaccine, but not until I was going into college, because I had never had chickenpox and didn't have any immunity. But I was born before the vaccine was invented.

That's another thing... with so many other children being vaccinated, there's no guarantee that even if you don't get him vaccinated because you want him to have them naturally, that he'll catch them.

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