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:) Hi Momof3, I also have 3 kids, ages 14,10 +8. I firmly believe in not vaccinating my children and like you believe that is an individual choice. Some of my reasons for this are that I don't believe vaxing is responsible for the decline in the western world of certain diseases,in fact a lot of diseases are occuring in vaxed kids. I don't believe in handing over responsability for my kids health to suspect government and drug companies who have shown complete disregard for kids well-being in the name of profit. I don't believe that certain diseases are lurking waiting to get you if you are not vaxed and as a non-vaxer my role in protecting my children will never be done. Nowadays kids are imo being used as scientific guinea pigs to be injected with very dubious toxic waste,at known lethal doses, parents are emotionally blackmailed into thinking they are 'protecting' kids from diseases(and some of these diseases were man-made) that were well on the decline before the vaxes were introduced,most likely from improved sanitation,nutrition,health facilities. In places like Africa diseases like polio are being introduced via the vaccines, drug companies using up old stock of live vaccine,thereby facillitating the ''need' to vax. The amount of ill kids these days,autism,asthma,ADHD,etc etc really looks like our kids are getting lots of protection from these vaxes. The cover-ups by the authorities. I'm real glad I didn't vax my kids and I really do respect other parents choices to vax their kids,I just wonder sometimes if they are actually informed about what is really going on.

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