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The polio vaccine is usually not given to adults unless you are travelling to an endemic area. Normally you receive all four doses of the polio vaccine by the time you are six years old. What you might have received (or missed) if you were in secondary school was the Hepatitis B vaccination. There are three shots to the Hepatitis B vaccine. If you missed one of those, you can pick up where you left off at anytime. You need all three to have full protection. If it wasnt the Hepatitis B vaccination, it could have been the Tetanus (Tetanus/Diptheria 'Td') shot you missed. You would want to get that one asap and remember to get a booster every ten years. The school should have your vaccination records and/or your personal physician. P.S. If you havent had your second MMR (measles,mumps) vaccination, that is one you should get also and if you're headed to college, you should get the meningitis shot.

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