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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote a very good article you can find it at
Vaccines have caused autism, diabetes, and asthma to triple in children. As soon as they added more shots to the schedule in 1990 these chronic diseases skyrocketed. Vaccines are full of poison that shouldnt be injected in to a baby. A baby getting one shot is like an adult getting 30. Its insane, and thats why we have so many disabled and dead babies. SIDS was made up to cover up vaccine reactions. Babies cant take mercury, alluminum, formadehyde, and propolene glycol (anti-freeze), injected into them 4 or 5 at a time and be normal. Its so cruel and inhumane. All vaccines do is ruin their immune system for life. They make it mandatory or you cant go to school. Sounds like genocide to me. A holocaust. It is so sad
If your child has ever had a bad reaction, never subject them to another. Results can be devistating.

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