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I want to share my own personal stories of vaccination's gone wrong. When my now 6 year old son was vaccinated at 1 month, he screamed for 3 hours afterwards. He was "accidentally", and I say that lightly; given his 2 month vaccines at 1 month. I believe now this is why he is hyper and high strung. He also has had to go through years of speech therapy for a speech problem.My oldest daughter had the typical fevers and crankiness. But, has suffered years with constipation and other bowel problems. My almost now 3 year old, recieved his MMR and Chicken Pox vaccinations at 15 months. Not more than 24 hours later he was unnresponsive and had labored breathing. I could not wake him. It was like he was in a deep sleep. He also had a temp. of 103. I called the doctors office and they told me it was normal. I don't call that normal. I have since had another baby. He had not been vaccinated and will never be. I know this is a very controversial subject, but I have seen what can happen. I have been doing research on vaccines and SIDS. There is a particular website, I have been on alot recently. There are pages upon pages of infants who have died from SIDS. There ages mainly are 2-4 months. The two ages when they are given their first sets of vaccines. It is so upsetting to see all these precious babies, who are no longer here. I just wanted to share my own personal opinion. Thanks for listening.

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