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Vaccinations are important. I was overseas in 2003 with an exchange program. This was to be my final year of high school but instead I went overseas and came back a year later and completed high school then. While I was overseas, everyone in high school was vaccinated against meningercoccal disease. Unfortunately I missed out, so when I came back I went to the doctor to be vaccinated against it but they had run out of the formula for it or whatever. I was too lazy to go back on a later date. One night I was out clubbing and my friends and I got dancing with a few guys. You know how it is being young and going out clubbing and attending parties. Everyone is packed on the dance floor so in close range to everyone who is probably sneezing, sharing drinks and all that. A few days later, I was at school. I woke up feeling fantastic but by lunch time at school something hit me and I got extremely sick. I went home and went straight to bed, only to wake up with a huge lump in my neck and feeling a whole lot worse. By midnight I knew something was seriously wrong so dad rushed me to hospital and I was fearing I had contracted meningercoccal. I was in tears fearing that one of my limbs would have to be ampitated and to tell you the truth I'd rather die than loose a limb. The moral of the story, vaccines are important and yes some people do get side affects from them but after I was in a life death situation, I know that vaccination is way better than amputaion or even death. Luckily I survived the ordeal and nothing serious came of it. I was never one of those children that was sick all the time so I know that vaccines can't be all that bad. From my experience, I have learnt never to be lazy about getting any vaccination. My laziness could of resulted in amputation or worse, even death and I was only 19 at the time.

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