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I'm a 27 y/o female. At the beginning of last October I had to get an MMR shot for my school (I do clinical rotations at hospitals). I had to get the shot because my titer test came back negative for the antibodies even though I got the series of shots when I was little. Anyway, after I got the vaccine I broke out in a mild red, itchy rash on the insdie of my forearms, the outsides of my upper arms, and on my chest and back. It went away after a couple of weeks but tonight my right forearm began to itch and when I pulled up my shirt sleeve there were the little red bumps again! It's also on my left forearm a little bit too. Is it possible to have a flare of the symptoms this long after being vaccinated?
The MMR vaccine is a LIVE VIRUS vaccine and it is not unusual for some mild side effects to occur. You are actually getting an attenuated live measles, mumps and rubella virus so it may give you mild symptoms of the disease. Up until a few years ago, only one MMR vaccination around your first birthday was given. Now they reccomend two MMR vaccinations as the protection wanes over time. Colleges usually require proof of two now. Having a re-occuring rash three months later sounds ususual but possible.

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