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Probably it would be a good idea to sit out. I had a tetanus booster recently, and I swear, it was a week before my arm was back to normal. The first couple days after the shot, my arm was quite sore and I had to go walking the second day instead of doing aerobics like I usually do.
I'm completely allergic to tetanus shots so I haven't had one since... 1990? I think? 89? Anyway, my arm swelled up and I couldn't move it for a week after getting it, and I remember it was more than just sore. I literally couldn't move it for over a week. I literally lost the use of that arm for a week.

Thankfully, my doctor said I don't need to get it because of how badly I reacted to it last time. Thankfully, she hasn't pushed the issue with me because I'd outright refuse to go through that hell again, that's for sure!

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