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I guess if you're terrified of needles, its hard not to be tense when its coming at you, but a tense muscle will definately make the shot hurt more and longer. The adult booster they are giving now (and for the last year) has the Pertussis vaccine added to what is normally just the Tetanus/Diptheria shot. Because of the re-occurance of Pertussis, it was reccomended that teenagers and adults who are due for a booster get one with the Pertussis protection. You only get this Tdap once, then you go back to getting the regular Td (tetanus/dipteria) from then on. For some reason, the tetanus shot does leave your arm sore more so than other vaccinations such as Hep A,B,flu or polio. I understand the new HPV vaccine will also leave you with a sore arm and in some cases, a slight fever....and if you're tense, you'll hurt a whole lot more. When a friend of mine got her Tdap, the nurse gave it to her higher in her arm than was probably correct and she hurt for a month. The best place for most vaccinations is in the center of your deltoid muscle, and they should tell you to be completely relaxed. Chicken Pox(Varicella) and MMR vaccinations are given in the fatty tissue at the back side of your arm and sting a little more going in since that area is more sensitive. Fortunately we dont get vaccinated for smallpox anymore (unless you're in the military). Those vaccinations caused a surface reaction and a large sore on your arm where it was given for at least three weeks and then left a dime sized scar to show you got it and it took.

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