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I got a tetanus shot after a dog bite and got a really bad reaction from it. My health became worse than it ever was. All vaccines cause serum sickness that leads to all of the chronic diseases in America. I was outraged when I found out that the whole 'stepping on a rusty nail' scare tactic for tetanus shots was based on living in the Old Days when horse manure was everywhere (that's where the tetanus bug comes from). I was doubly outraged when I saw the stats that there was no reported cases of tetanus caused by such things in 30 years.



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I got tetanus in Mexico. didn't get it until I was on the flight home. I was the first case my hospital had ever seen, and it was a living HELL, body/muscle spasms to sound, lock jaw and some other things I barley remember. I hadnít gotten a tetanus shot in over 10 years. I guess i didn't get tetanus until I was leaving because Iím thinking it took time for the bacteria to become a dangerous level, Iím glad it started when I was home as I was able to get the help I needed. the symptoms of pain started in my ear on the flight home.

I have eczema so I have open cuts all over my body, I'm allergic to LOTS and LOTS of sun, being from Canada, I don't usually get a lot of sun, but going to Mexico was like WOSH my eczema got really bad. My skin cracked all over my body/arms and legs, and everything was open.

There was a cute kitty in Mexico I fed everyday I would crawl into the bushes where she hid and played with her. In Mexico they use horse manure for all the plants. (so it is everywhere like it use to be here 30 years ago) I did this everyday for 2 weeks, yet I didnít get sick until I was on the flight home. so I believe it is very rare to get tetanus even in mexico. And not many people are a crazy as me, to crawl through bushes everyday for 2 weeks with open sores on their body.

So I donít think you need this shot if you step on a rusty nail. I did that many times and never got one. SO Thatís a bunch of bull. Unless you contact horse manure, or you use it in your own garden or like me you have open sores, and come in contact with horse manure. Or you go to mexico and step on a rusty nail and come in contact with horse manure. Lol so its really up to you if you want to get it or not.

My doctor told me as soon as I heal form this I should get my teatnus shot/ so I donít get it again. I never did. I donít feel a need to, I never got it here before and I never will. But if I ever go to Mexico again I will get my tetanus shot this time.

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