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I have gotten a flu shot for the past few years, and have been very happy. I want to get my annual flu shot soon.

However, I am most likely entering Active Duty military in January or March 2008, and upon my activation I will receive a flu shot (along with other standard military vaccinations).

Is there any harm in getting two flu vaccines in the same year? I assume that many people get their own in the autumn before becoming activated military in the spring.

I would appreciate any info about this. Thank you.

I am not an expert, but my own personal experience is that getting two shots is not a problem, especially spacing it out like you will be doing. I believe the shot only covers you for about 4 months anyway. My son does not produce enough antibodies when he gets the flu shot so he often gets the flu anyway, just a milder case. It has been suggested that he get two flu shots every year. Good luck.
If you build natural immunity you do not need the flu shot. The flu shot contains harmful toxins like mercury, aluminum, amd formaldehyde. You are injecting that directly into your blood stream. You will get these shots in the military. I began Naval bootcamp in June 2001 and I can tell you, you will recieve a whole slew of shots, two at a time too. The only time I felt sickness or off was when I was in the military getting injected with god knows what. Since, I do not take drugs for any reason and I have natural immunity, therefore, I NEVER get sick. I would hold off.
Congrats and thank for serving, Kelly.

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