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Sick over vaccines
Oct 13, 2007
My son will be a month old on Monday and I'm already sweating the fact that at his 2 month check up, they will start pushing the shots on us. I have done extensive homework on the topic and before he was born I decided to wait until he is 4 months old and only allow 1 to 2 shots at a time.

Shortly after he was born, we found out he has a heart condition that requires some heavy meds and and serious monitoring. We spent 10 days in intensive care trying to control it. It was awful. My fear is the shots will somehow upset his heart condition as well as have all the other adverse affects BECAUSE of the heart condition, you know? I fear one making the other worse.

But then, I live in Minnesota where it is bloody cold in the winter (which is fast approaching) and I'm worried about him getting sick without the shots!! The flu, for instance. I work with the public, I have never had a flu shot and I never get sick. But he is just a baby. He might get sick. I have heard that there is still mercury in that particular shot. I'm freaking out. All his doctors give me the same old story about how its fine and you have to vaccinate.....the benefits outweigh the risks and blah, blah, blah. They never actually listen to the parents.

My question is: Has anybody waited and staggered their child's shots? Has it been okay? What did you decide to do? How old were your kids?

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