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I was weary of some medications and I had a drug free birth, I did however get my daughter all of her vaccinations up until now. I wish I began reading into it more sooner. She isn't autistic or anything, but who really know what the long term effects are of these toxic vaccinations? We do not get flu shots and she has NEVER been sick once in her 1.5 years of life and I also do not get sick. You can build immunity naturally and it is far better than any vaccine. Vaccines contain toxic chemicals that are shot into your blood stream. Although controversial, it makes sense to me that autism could be caused from these shots. I am originally from Iowa and that states autism rate rose 700% in the 1990's and coincidentially that was the same time child required more vaccinations. Sounds fishy to me. We are organic and natural beings and pumping ourselves full of this crap is not the solution. You MUST do the research on your own. The CDC, FDA, your doctor and the government are going to be fore vaccinations and drugs, and usually you will not get the other side unless you search for it yourself. The facts are suppressed for obvious reasons. Do not let any doctor push you or make you feel like you have to. I almost find it amusing in an odd way when a doctor wants to tell me I am being risky and my daughter could die if we do not get the flu shots, PLEASE!

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